Die Story

The story

My driving area is mainly the Rhine and when I learned about how many jet's and outboard or even whole boats are stolen the year over, I searched for a matching tracker. Unfortunately, I have not found my needs.

At the time I worked in technical distribution for Internet-enabled modems and already met one or the other tracker manufacturer, as well as the technology and possibilities behind it. Unfortunately, there was no suitable product for water sports.

For the reason I decided to make myself independently to start the Willgood Technology GmbH and create a tracker as well as an app that not only protects my jet before theft, but also records my rides on a map. Only then can I also see anytime and everywhere, when and where I went along.

If someone move my jet ski away, I immediately get a message. Just as I get a message when someone removes the tracker and I can immediately take the persecution with the police via the app.

Even with a holiday in another country, the tracker works flawlessly. I can award a new permanent location to the tracker in any place of the world and "log". Should someone be able to create my jet, the app reports to me and the 24/7.

So I've already tested the tracker and I find him mega horny, I hope you soon.

See you on the water !!!

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