What is the difference to other trackers?

The DavanciNect is specially designed for motorized sports equipment and coordinated. His case has an IP67 protection and the electronics is shed and thus shockproof. In addition, your rides and speeds are determined and recorded via GNSS.

Why is a 12-month subscription necessary?

An annual payment we need on the one hand for mobile connections and on the other for the care of our servers. Before the annual amount becomes due, we point out on time by email. The contract does not extend automatically but you have to extend this consciously via the website.

How do I recover my tracker?

The tracker does not have to be charged. With each of your rides, this invites you to independently over the alternator. The tracker is also connected to the battery of your jet and uses its capacity.

In winter I clamp the battery, what makes the tracker?

The tracker has its own battery. The battery capacity holds up to 6 months after each 100% charge. So you can easily bridge the winter time.

Is the tracker only for watercraft?

No - for example, you can also install the Davanci Connect in your motorcycle or motorhome. The application possibilities are manifold. Just contact us via the homepage and we answer your questions.

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